October 14, 2021

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Despite the humiliation of the United States, Joe Biden justifies the withdrawal of troops

Fighting the destructive power of films from Afghanistan with an argument, no matter how detailed, is an impossible task. However, this is exactly what Joe Biden sought in a statement to the White House on Monday, August 16. After spending a weekend at Camp David, the Democratic leader defended “Sure” Wanted to reintroduce the appearance of synchronicity in the American withdrawal and chaos. He faced the most severe crisis of this early president outside the Govt-19, whose long-term impact on American public opinion is yet to be measured. Foreign policy does not really impress people. But the idea of ​​America itself seems to be involved here.

Joe Biden says synchronization is his foreign policy: focusing on competition with China, denying all human, military and financial waste in boundless external obligations. This argument weighs in on the failure of the U.S. withdrawal and the appearance of improvement. A withdrawal “Tough and confusing”, The president agreed, while defending him “Engagement”. “The events we see now are tragic evidence that no military force can achieve a secure, united and stable Afghanistan, known in history as the tomb of empires.” He expressed an old belief.

America, he continued, never left “Build a Nation” In Afghanistan. “Our goal (…) is not to create a centralized integrated democracy.”, The US President underlined, stating that the sole purpose “Prevent terrorist attacks on American soil today and forever”.

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The reason for Donald Trump is wrong

But Joe Biden acknowledged that the Taliban’s takeover of the country was surprisingly fast. An elliptical way to get out of the way of military and civilian experts who do not anticipate such a lightning situation is to retain a schedule of several weeks or several months instead. The responsibility of the President of the United States is directly involved because of his political interest in ending the departure. Joe Biden vowed to evacuate civilians from the disaster site of 6,000 soldiers and threatened Afghanistan, especially those who worked for the United States. Joe Biden promised a use “Catastrophic” Force the Taliban if the latter try to prevent these evictions.

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