July 26, 2021

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Hungary and Poland are in terms of the legal statement

TheIssues related to Hungary and Poland “More formal” than the rest of the union, According to Didier Reinders, European Commissioner for Justice.

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Freedom of the Judiciary, Freedom of the Press, The Fight Against Corruption ங்கே Hungary and Poland are isolated on the rule of law in the European Union (EU) annual report on Tuesday, July 20. If the latter release does not have any immediate positive consequences, it is on track to become a tool for assessing the proper use of European funds.

In the second edition of this report “Temporary ideas for most member states “. However, problems identified “More formal” According to European Justice Commissioner Didier Reinders, Hungary and Poland. Both countries Were already shortcuts to the first legal report released in September.

Hungary and Poland are being accused of reforms that are considered to be detrimental to the independence of magistrates. The media situation is also a major concern in the report. “Harassment, Threats and Violence Against Journalists Increase in Many Member States”, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for respecting the values ​​of EU Veera Juro.

This record is available in 27 EU countries “A deterrent is intended to prevent the situation from getting worse”, To explain Didier Reinders, Ensured that the first edition led many member states to propose reforms, as was the case in Bulgaria for justice. There will be this document as well “One of the most important sources of inspiration” A new mechanism to suspend the payment of European funds in cases of violation of the law, he continues. “At the beginning of the school year, let’s see if it is necessary to start procedures.

The tangible effect of the cold between the EU and Poland, the country’s recovery plan, 23 23.9 billion, has not yet been verified. Amid the conflict over Hungarian homophobic law, Brussels is also blocking a 7. 7.2 billion project for Hungary. Brussels has been criticizing the country for years for its lack of transparency in public procurement, its inadequate fight against corruption and the lack of independence of its judiciary.

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