October 14, 2021

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In Kabul, a figure of 600 Afghans on a US plane becomes the symbol of the plane from the Taliban

An iconic photo of some of Kabul’s residents after the Taliban’s arrival on Sunday, August 15, shows more than 600 Afghans – men, women and children – boarding a single U.S. military plane. International Airport of the United States Capital. Retrieved and published by Military news site Security oneThe picture was taken inside a US Air Force Boeing C-17 aircraft.

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One of the women in the photo holds a baby bottle in her lap. Many more appear with small children. No other items were visible among the passengers except a small suitcase and a bag on the front. About 640 people were counted when they left the device Security one, According to Boeing, for an aircraft designed to accommodate 134 passengers (soldiers and their equipment), with seats installed on the sides or ground of the aircraft.

“There are unusually many passengers on this flight (…) This is the consequence of an ever-changing security environment that calls for speedy decisions from the team. “, Comment Press release issued on Monday, Command of the US Army in the Middle East and Central Asia (US Central Command, CentCom). “In the end, it made it possible to deport these passengers with complete security.”, Confirms the text. The Qatar plane landed early Monday morning FlightAware Flight Tracking Site.

A U.S. security official said people trapped in the plane’s grip had been authorized by U.S. officials to leave the country. Security one. Such a large number of passengers on a single plane was not expected: many more frustrated people boarded inside at the last half-open curve of the plane.

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In 2013, there were 670 people on the C-17 in the Eastern Philippines

“The crew decided to go” Rather than make them retreat, the same officer explained. As Taliban militants took to the streets of Kabul, panicked residents rushed to the scene in an attempt to locate the plane.

This is not the first time the Boeing C-17, which is widely used by the US military for public transport, has undergone such a major launch. In 2013, a U.S. C-17 ship set sail More than 670 people In the eastern Philippines, after Hurricane Haiyan.

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Kabul Airport Monday was a scene of chaos and despair. The tarmac and runways were overflowing with thousands of people hoping to board a plane to leave the country. Many are not even allowed to take an exit flight, a ticket for a commercial flight, or a visa. In horrific videos posted on social media, hundreds of people were speeding past the C-17, with some sticking to the sides of the plane.

Another video shows attack helicopters flying over people at low altitudes. The Afghan media reported several casualties in the crash.

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