July 26, 2021

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Shoaib Othani of Los Angeles at Rare Company with Top-Tech Home Run at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park

Seat – Shohai OthaniThe league-leading 33rd home run of the season on Friday night added him to the rare company in the history of Seattle Mariners home ballpark.

In the third inning of Marco Gonzalez, Othani’s solo shot went up to the top right in the T-Mobile park. The Mariners reported that the sixth player to reach the top floor of the right seats since the stadium opened in 1999 was a two-way event for the Angels.

MLP’s Stockholm Homer is projected at 463 feet.

Othani’s blast caused a commotion through the ballpark and two fans sitting alone in that area of ​​the stadium threw ducks closer to the ball. It landed before hitting a concrete wall and above the fifth row seats.

Angels dug in after Othany’s left arm swing and exploded in excitement and despair. Justin Upton Place hands on his head in shock as it lands on the top deck.

Homer is Othani’s 16th in the last 21 games, making him the seventh player in MLP history to hit multiples in 21-game breaks in a single season. He joins Barry Ponds, Giancarlo Stanton, J.D. Martinez, Kyle Schwartz, Mark McWire and Sami Sosa.

The first player after that was Othani Albert Pujols In 2006 he hit 33 or more homers in the first 82 games of a season. He is on pace at 61 this season.

Others who reached the top floor in the T-Mobile park Joey Gallo (2020), Daniel Vocalback (2019), Nomar Masara (2019), Carlos Delcado (2001) and Mo Von (1999).

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.