July 26, 2021

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There has been no progress after the new talks between the government and the Taliban

Discussions were taking place in Qatar, which they hoped would lead to a ceasefire. Both parties are yet to meet again in a few days.

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Taliban attacks continue in Afghanistan Discussions between the rebels and the Afghan government in Doha (Qatar) ended on Sunday, July 18 without any definite progress. Both parties agreed on the need to find a party “Reasonable Solution”, According to their joint press release. Qatari mediator Mautlak al-Qahtani confirmed the presence of two camps for his part “Disagree” To try “Avoid civilian casualties”, Is far from believing in a ceasefire.

“Despite progress and military victories (…) we remain committed to a political solution.”, Blamed Taliban leader Hibatullah Akundza on Sunday morning, blaming the Afghan government “Wasting time”. Abdullah Abdullah, the head of the government council that oversees the peace process, avoided questions from reporters on Sunday evening.

The meeting, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in Doha, was a new stage in the negotiations that began in September 2020, with no agreement reached. The Afghan government and Taliban officials have agreed to meet again, according to a statement issued on Sunday. “Next week”.

The Taliban have been carrying out an offensive in Afghanistan since the beginning of May, taking advantage of the eventual withdrawal of existing foreign troops from the country. They have surrounded many regional capitals with control of vast countryside and important border posts. The Afghan army is battling the fighting, even as a security forces spokesman welcomes the deaths of nearly a thousand enemy fighters on Sunday.

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