October 14, 2021

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Vladimir Putin worries about “unprecedented” natural disasters

Wildfires in Siberia have already destroyed 16.6 million hectares.

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“The magnitude and nature of natural disasters in some areas are completely unprecedented.Vladimir Putin called on his government on Saturday, August 14, in the wake of wildfires in Siberia and floods in southern Russia. “Act quickly and efficiently” In the face of environmental issues. The report comes a few days after the UN Climate Experts (IPCC) released its new release, which sounded a warning in the face of accelerating climate change.

Referring to the heavy rains in the south of the country, the Russian president stressed it “The amount of monthly rainfall [tombait] In a few hours now ” The head of state mentions wildfires in Siberia and the Far East, which are aggravated by drought and spread by strong winds.

“All of this again demonstrates the importance of engaging in a deeper and more systematic way in the future on the climate and environmental agenda.”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Wildfires in Siberia have already destroyed more than 16.6 million hectares, especially in Yakutia, a vast but unpopulated area surrounded by smoke in cities, forcing authorities to declare a public holiday on Friday.

Due to the smoke coming from the fire, the normal level of hydrogen sulfide was high enough to reach Chelyabinsk, 3,800 km southwest of the country. A week ago, the US space agency NASA announced that the smoke had reached the North Pole.

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In southern Russia and Crimea, heavy rains flooded and displaced hundreds of people, while nearly 100,000 people were left without electricity on Saturday.